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Terms and Conditions

We are welcoming you to kiki & fee. While going through the site and placing the orders, it is deemed that you have read all the Terms & Conditions and have accepted the same while releasing your orders.

We are welcoming you to our website, kiki & fee.com. This website is owned by Cottonpuff. Once you become a member of our website, you are registering with kiki & fee, which in turn is owned by Cottonpuff in India. While using our website you would be providing us information such as your name, your address, your telephone number, etc. We expect our visitors and members to use our website for their private use and do not use any of the information provided including the products for any business or commercial purposes. In case you have any question with regard to our policy, please contact us at kiki & fee.com.

The products which are displayed amounts to an “invitation to offer”. Once you release a purchase order in our format, this would amount to be an “offer” that you have made based on the Terms and Conditions given. kiki & fee has the right to either accept or reject your offer.

Once our customer release the purchase order this means that they have accepted the Terms and Conditions as amended on the date of releasing the purchase order.

Once we process your order and dispatch the products, this would constitute that we have accepted the offer on the Terms & Conditions as mentioned.

Due to some unforeseen reasons it may not be possible for us to accept an order and thus we may have to cancel such orders, we reserve the right to refuse/cancel any order at our discretion. In such cases, we will return the total advance without any deduction.

kiki & fee is presuming that the person placing the order is competent to release the order. The range of products as shown in our site is meant to be ordered by the parents of children. Thus any person above the age of 18 years only should use this site and decide the order placing.

The products displayed in site are available for sale within India. If anyone chooses to place orders on kiki & fee from outside India, the delivery can only be effected within India and we shall not be liable for claims related to any of our products to a customer outside India.

Our customer if posts any communication on our site or on any other places, the same shall be considered to be non confidential.

This site is the exclusive property of kiki & fee and cannot be copied, modified or linked by anyone without the permission of the kiki & fee.

The customer shall not post or upload any material on the site without the written permission of kiki & fee.

kiki & fee has the right to terminate this business/site at any time.

In the event of any dispute arising, the decision given by kiki & fee would be final and binding. In the event of anyone approaching the Court of Law, it is very clearly stated that only the Courts of Delhi shall have the jurisdiction to handle such legal matters as kiki & fee operates from Delhi. To be specific Courts of Delhi will only have the jurisdiction for any legal dispute.

It is the user’s responsibility to keep the details of the account and password confidential and you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under Your Account or Password. Kiki & fee shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise as a result of any failure by the user to protect the account details or the password. In case of any suspected breach please contact us immediately.

All the pictures, descriptions provided are the exclusive property of kiki & fee. Descriptions provided have been made by our team. All attempts have been made to provide accurate information. However, the descriptions given and the product when supplied can have differences.

kiki & fee has made lot of efforts to pick up pictures of our product with a high resolution to ensure that our customers get a real idea of the design, colours, etc. However, when the product will be actually delivered it will have variations when compared with the pictures shown on the site. The customer has to accept this situation.

The measurement and sizes given are on approximate basis. The actual product delivered can have variations in sizes.

All fabrics and accessories used in the products as shown in the site and the one which are actually used while manufacturing can have variations.

Products offered by kiki & fee are handmade products and thus will always have variations between the product shown on the site and the product actually shipped.

The products offered by kiki & fee would always try and use the best possible quality of fabrics and accessories. However, as these final products consist of large many accessories, there is always a possibility of slight color bleeding. Thus kiki & fee recommends that the products should be dry-cleaned only.

kiki & fee reserves the right to make amendments in the Terms & Conditions without any prior intimation.

kiki & fee also reserves the right to change the price and other commercial terms without prior intimation.

kiki & fee reserves the right to discontinue or change the design of any of the products displayed.

As and when any modifications are carried out either in the product or in the Terms and Conditions, the same would become effective with immediate effect. We thus suggest our customers to read these Terms from time to time so as to know the latest.

Even though all attempts would be made to ship out the goods within the agreed period of dispatch, however, if for some reason the products are not manufactured in time for reasons such as non-availability of raw material and labour to produce or other acts of god, the delivery period can be extended without any advance intimation.

As and when orders are placed after acceptance of Terms and Conditions, kiki & fee expects the customers to provide detailed information in terms of the name of the customer, complete address, and contact numbers to ensure that the product is delivered to the correct person at correct address.

The information that you give us includes the information that you would provide in our formats in terms of your name, your address, your contact numbers and any other information, you may also give address, phone number, e-mail addresses of your friends and references.




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